Wednesday, February 17, 2010

There is such thing as too much advice in marriage

I was bipping around my newsletter, which surprisingly has some good article references, and I found an article about new marriages (up to 5 yrs) and the detriment TOO much advice can have. Mike and I went through A LOT of education and prep for marriage and we never read/heard this.

The premise is simple, too much of a well intentioned thing is bad. Here is an excerpt: "In recent studies of heterosexual couples in their first few years of marriage, researchers learned that too much support is harder on a marriage than not enough. When it comes to marital satisfaction, both partners are happier if husbands receive the right type of support, and if wives ask for support when they need it."

So gals- that means guys actually CAN'T read your mind, so you have to tell them what you need. Guys, just ask us what we need, it will make things a little more simple. I find it interesting that guys need support, but the right kind is key. Check out the whole article here. I know I FOR SURE have been a culprit of giving too much advice. Poor Mike married a Lund, and we come fully stocked with wisdom, whether it is ego motivated or not is sometimes hard to tell. ;)

I will be trying to give the right support to Mike here on out- he is in school and could probably use the right kind of support.