Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Green with Enthusiasm

I am very obsessed with the color green right now. Really. For about 2 years, I have been more and more drawn to a limey fresh green hue- peridot to be specific. To the point that I want everything to be this green. My jewelry, tape dispenser, the new tile in my kitchen, my screen saver... Must I go on? I even love looking into my cat's eyes becuase they are such a pretty green.

I have collaged some of my green posessions and things I like in this post. A lot of it is from my office, becuase I think being around this color makes me happy.

I can hypothisize why I love this color- and dream up ideas, but I think there is something about the way color effects us. I looked it up and the physical and mental effects of green are:

* Soothing

* Relaxing mentally as well as physically

* Helps alleviate depression, nervousness and anxiety

* Offers a sense of renewal, self-control and harmony

I agree with the above. I always feel fresh and relaxed around this color. It is even a little invigorating to me.

The website I found this info from is http://www.squidoo.com/colorexpert. It has some interesting information. I think our culture downplays how visual we are as humans, and that we are effected by what we look at. When considering how much power we have over our moods- color being part of that, why not surround ourselves with things that can actully help us feel good?

Well, I'm going to finish my green tea and ponder this. I want to hear about your favorite color experience: What is your favorite color? Does it have a ceartain effect on you?


A. said...

I have green earrings too, that I just love! Now, where did I get those... ;)

(I love your green ring, too. Did you make that?)

Maega said...

A- you were probably a motivator for me to go in the green direction.
The ring- it is a peridot stone. Didn't make it, would've been cool if I did though. It was a 2nd anniversary gift ;)

AG said...

I think your obsession goes back further than two years. Your green couch, I slept on it when I was visiting from GA and that was well over two years ago! ;)

My color is purple of course! A rich, deep, velvety purple. For a while, chunks of my hair were a deep purple/brown. If it hit the light right you could see the purple tone to it. Velvety and soft. Mmmm…

I don’t know what it is that makes certain colors or things make us feel good, but I love the feeling purple gives me. It makes me feel comfortable, like I could be wrapped up in it. Soft and safe. It also makes me feel confident. I think I identify with purple’s link to royalty and richness (not in the monetary sense). The richness of what purple brings to a room or the richness if gives off and makes you feel. If that makes sense.

I looked it up on the site you mentioned above, and purple is the signature cover of a pretty incredible artist, Prince. What a coincidence!

Bonnie said...

As you may recall...my color is pink! My cubicle at work has loads of pink accessories and so does my bedroom.

I used to have a quotation pinned to my wall that said, "What is it about PINK, that makes you feel so GOOD?" - who knows?