Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Google Everything

To me, google is a verb. It is something I "do" very often. Anytime anyone asks me something I don't know, I tell them to google it. Anytime I start a project, I google what I am about to do. In a way, it feels like asking the elders what I should do. I don't always get the perfect response, but I ALWAYS get a response. Google is there for me (ooop- I guess it is a noun too).

I have a little obsession with finding out what I can about things. Thus the blog. I google and then blog (most of) the things I obsess about. I'm pretty sure this started when I was in debate in HS... Yes- I was in debate. You had to prove what you were saying with research. Now I have a hard time believing a "fact" unless I like the source it came from (and there is a little research behind it). My idea of research may not be purely scientific (i.e. tons of opinions from the mass public) but to me it is worth something, and it helps me form what I want to think about a topic.

I know there are other search engines out there, but google is like the Cub Foods frosted shredded wheat I grew up on- I like THAT taste and none other. The others are similar but really just does not taste the same. Of course when I wanted to blog, I went to google. I am thinking of making a real website (not a fake one!!) and I will be doing that through google. I just love the way it makes me feel when I use it. Whhhoa- is there such thing as a google high?? I think I'm hooked on it.

So, raise your mouse and salute google! Or whatever site you love.

Do you have a particular site that you LOVE? Please share- I always like to try something new.

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