Tuesday, October 27, 2009

H1N1 Probably?

I was away from my blog for too long! I have an excuse though. I (probably) had H1N1 and barely could push the buttons on the remote let alone think and type. I now wish that I blogged through the whole experience to let those of you who aren't going to get it know what it is like "on the inside."

I'll sum it up here. Ever had the upper respiratory flu? It was like that. Only more congestion in the lungs than usual.

I'm hoping that I have some sweet immunity to this junk now. Who knows if getting something really helps your body fight it in the future. Hopefully! One thing I don't suggest is going to a Swine Flu Party. They are these really REALLY STUPID parties where sick people (with H1N1) get together to get each other sick, to build immunity. WOW. I guess there are moments when I am aghast by the things people do, this is one of those moments.

So, please wash your hands, don't touch your face and be healthy this fall. If you do get it, take care and watch your body. Make sure to have the most up to date information.

Here are my fav websites for up to date H1N1 info:
World Health Organization
Center for Disease Control


A. said...

So, this girl at work - her husband has the flu. And she came to work ALL WEEK with a temperature of over 100 degrees. Yesterday it was 103! Are you kidding me? Finally someone yelled at her to go home.

First, do you not read anything?! Everywhere it says to stay home if you have a fever. Second, Lady, this ain't about you anymore. There are 50 other people (and two PREGNANT people) in this office who you are putting at risk.

So, I totally understand about "people." Ugh.

Maega said...

WOW- it is SO selfish to be that person who goes into work when sick. Also, the fact that she was telling people how sick she was seems like bragging somehow... "I'm so sick... la la la." Arg!

They are posting signs at my work telling people to not come in if they are sick, and that if they come in sick they will be made to leave even if a guard has to escort them out of the building... Wow. That is serious.